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I’ll be straight with you.

This will be real work for you (that’s the one drawback about working with me…you WORK on your business). But I know that you know – that nothing that’s really worth having in this life will be easy to get. That’s a fact.

And, I know you can do this!

You understand the value of investing in yourself and in your business. It will pay off for you exponentially!

I believe in you, and I’ll be there with you to guide and support you every single step of the way.

You’re gonna be sooooo very proud of your independence, drive and follow-through once you’re standing at the helm of your very own thriving enterprise!

In our flagship workshop, Fast Path to CASH!, we’ll take you through Phase 1 and Phase 2 as laid out below.

We will begin with business planning, and we’ll complete the process by building and implementing the 7 Pillars of Success into your business. These are hardcore business systems that every iconic business has running on automatic – and YOU need to have running on automatic so that you can start, build or fix the business of your dreams.

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Monthly Group Coaching Program






Fast Path to CASH! – The Business Plan 

Are you ready for business, yet unsure of which way to go? Or, perhaps, you are in a healthy business and you want to bring in investors, but are overwhelmed with the whole capital compliance process. Have you been in business for a while, but you realize you’re working harder than ever, and what you’ve created is a job, and not a business? Well, it’s time to craft an exit strategy!

With my help you will discover the secrets to conceptualizing, establishing and running a successful business. You’ll also get to interact with a group of like-minded business owners, each of whom brings a unique perspective on business to support you and provide a mastermind experience for you and your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are new in business, or more experienced. If you’re new, you’ll increase your expertise and skills, and build your business faster. If you’re more experienced, I have something for you too. With my extensive knowledge of capital compliance issues, and operations issues, you’ll grow your business, and plan an exit strategy that will secure the future for you and your family, and build your legacy.

From start-ups, to small businesses to multinational conglomerates, I have the experience and the expertise to help you advance your business to the next dimension! Let’s get started TODAY!

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Fast Path to CASH! – The Business Series

Wait…You can’t quit on yourself nowwe’re just getting warmed up! 

If you’re over 45 and have been downsized with no pension in sight, or if you’re under 45, and you’ve been lucky enough to avoid layoff so far, but are over-worked, over-stressed and under-appreciated…and it feels like you’re working 3 jobs with less pay and fewer benefits…well, I’ve got something very special,  just for YOU!

Accountability just might make all the difference in getting you to move forward and to stay in motion. By joining our community, you’ll tap into the wealth of experience provided by the group. You’ll get feedback and advice from people who’ve been there. By sharing our challenges and our triumphs, together we’ll accelerate your business beyond your wildest dreams, and have a blast doing it!


“Some people get the heebie jeebies when they have to see a lawyer. If you allow that to stop you…you’re going to regret it. If you want answers to tough legal, professional or entrepreneurial questions – without a lot legal mumbo jumbo, you need to talk with Shaune. She’ll lay out the law with an engaging mix of candor, compassion and wit. Ya can’t beat that!” Sheila L. – San Fernando, CA


Building a successful business takes more than just planning.

Solid business systems go a long way to ensure a successful business. In Phase 2, you’re going to discover and implement the 7 Pillars of Success into your business. These are 7 business systems that you simply must have in order to build a business that will give you the income you need to support you and your family, help you make a deep impact in the world with your message, and start, build, or fix a business that you’ll absolutely love.

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…And for the more discerning







Private Label: Exclusive One-on-One Business Coaching, Just for YOU

The serious entrepreneur understands the need for benchmarking tools that provide insight into overall industry performance, and that analyze the entrepreneur’s specific business.

In this personalized business coaching program you will receive the benefit of my studied insights that are gleaned from more than 20 years of business law practice, including securities and international law.

Are you ready to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible? Let’s get started NOW, and take your business global!